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Do you ever wanted to forge your very personal armor? Crafted from any materials you like? In various combination? Maybe some magic on top? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. AlchemyCraft not only allows you to forge your personal and individual armor, it also allows you to use magic to improve your armor and create powerful tools, potions and many more ...

The Main Pillars

Create Armor and Tools out of custom Materials and make them fit your personal needs
Research and create custom Potions and keep their effect secret to other players
Transmute Materials into more useful ones and create powerful Runes

About the Pillars

The mod is going to be designed in a way, that you don't need to do one Pillar to do an other. But if you combine pillars you can create combinations. For example: if you smith your Armor you can adjust the magical runes onto the armor. That way the armor can now also perform magic. Or if you combine your Knowledge in the creation of potions with the transmutation. You will be able to create Gems, that are soaked with the Potion and now can used in the creation of Amulets ...