How to brew

The Brewing System is based on a research System. To start witch researching, you need a Wooden Alchemy Lab Table. This Block offers you the ability to research potions. It is not intended to create powerful potions, therefor you will need the Stone Alchemy Lab Table. Every Potion you create is bound to you and only you know the Effect. But let's start with the basics.

To start researching, open your Wooden Alchemy Lab Table, it should look like this:


The Slot on the left side is the slot where you will put your Ingredients. The Slot next to it, is the one for Catalysts that will help you later on. The Slot on the Top is where you will get your Potion once it is finished, here you have to put in a Filled Potion Bottle. The two Slots on the right side are used for easy research. The on on Top is where your unknown Potion goes, the one below is for a Indicator. The Button below the Indicator-Slot has to be pressed to use a Indicator.

Basic Researching

To start discovering a Effect of Ingredients, you need to create a Potion out of them. To do so, simply drop your Ingredient in the appropriate slot put a Filled Potion Bottle and wait a view seconds. Now you should have a Potion. To research the Effect of the Item there are two ways: Drink the Potion and test the Effect on yourself or use a Indicator. Drinking a Potion can be dangerous, so Indicator are the safest way, but they aren't cheep.

Once you discovered a Effect you can hover over the Ingredients you used and press Shift. You know always know the Effect.

Advanced Researching

You might have noticed that Ingredients you discovered are listed as a Primary Effect. To discover the Secondary Effect of the Ingredients you need a Catalyst. Every Catalyst has a own modifier value, that decreases the chance for the Primary and increases the chance for the Secondary Effect (For Example a Basic Catalyst Level 1 has a value between 5-10). But what does this mean? If you use only one Catalyst you can get the Secondary Effect, but the chance is very low. To make sure you always get the Secondary Effect you have to offer more Catalyst. The number of Catalyst consumed in this process is as much as you need to have a 100% chance for the Secondary Effect.

The Secondary Effect can then be researched like the Primary, ether by drinking or by using a Indicator.