How to Forge

The Forge

First of all you should create yourself a Forge to be able to heat up Ingots into Hot Ingots. Once your structure is build you can start with the creation of heat. If you open the GUI by right-clicking on the Forge Interface. There are 25 heating slots and one fuel slot, along with a heat bar with the current forge temperature. To heat up the forge, simply put some solid fuel into the fuel slot below the heat bar.

You may notice that the forge’s heat won’t go very high. That’s because the solid fuel by itself only puts out a small amount of heat. To reach a higher temperature you have to build in at least one Forge Vent and place a Bellow next to it. By right-clicking the Bellow, it will slowly increase the heat in the forge (The bellows can only be clicked every 8 seconds). Each metal needs a different heat level. If the level is too low, the ingot won’t get hot enough to be processed. If the level is too high, the ingot will be destroyed Heat table.


To get going, you need to craft a Blacksmith’s Anvil and a Hammer and a Fireproof Glove. When you right-click the Forge Interface with the Glove you will get a extra Slot opened up. This Slot will alloy you to hold the hot Ingots without burning yourself. Now place down the Anvil, simply open the GUI by right-clicking with the Glove in hand and put the Hot Ingots into the top left slot and smash the Anvil with the Hammer (hitting not breaking). After a few hits you should get two Plates.

You can now use these for crafting, or hammer it again and get some Connectors. (Once you managed to get some Iron plates, you can also create Tongs, which provide 4 additional slots. Keep in mind this recipe will require a Armor Worktable)


Now, to finally craft your armor you’ll need an Armor Worktable – and yes, it has 49 slots. Currently, you can only craft one set of armor. Just keep in mind, you can use different metals for the Plates and Connectors. (All Recipes can be found in Armor Worktable Recipes)

To give you a short example of the Crafting mechanic of the armor, this is the recipe for a fully customized Chestplate: